EXP & Drop Rate Event!

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EXP & Drop Rate Event!

Post by Soul on Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:37 pm

There will be a EXP / Drop Rate Event, starting today, From Nov 27th - Nov 30th.
Special Occasion, as i'll be celebrating my 22nd birthday on Tuesday (Nov 29th.)
And i'll be back to work on the 30th, I thought i'd let you guys know.
The EXP rates will be bumped from 200% - > 300% for the next 3 days.
Drop rates however, will go from 100% - 190%.
You'll still level kinda quick, BUT drop rates will be abit "Faster" but not too Fast.
Hope you guys enjoy the small Event from me to you, for the support, and such you've given realm.

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