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Post by Soul on Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:19 pm

Here are a few simples rules for the forum.

• Respect players from the game, on this forum and treat everyone equally, depending on race/gender/gay/lesbian (Yes, we do support gay pride here.)
• Don't curse at admins for a few simple small mistakes, it's not our fault if something doesn't go right, plenty of things can happen.
• Don't beg to be an admin without proving yourself first, you can check out the Maps and Quests section, to prove your skills, for a possible spot with adminship.
• Please, if you have something to say, about anything other than realm, or EO wise, use "Lounge" as a bin for talking about Random Things.
• If you're gonna ask a staff member you buy an "Admin Item" and beg until they snap, you'll be banned for 2 hours in-game, and a possibly forum ban for a week as a result of a warning.
Don't accuse anyone of being a "Nigger" or any other type of racial slur, unless they go along with it, because we don't like hearing people being picked on because of the color of their skin, or their culture / language, be fair and treat other players right.

In-Game Rules

• This will apply to admins, and admins only, Please don't spawn Items/NPC's for new players, unless you've earned that item legitment, OR are planning on training, you can do party share EXP yes, but if you Spawn a NPC, we'll know, We monitor the server, as in we see what you spawn. (Admins only, as we can only see admin commands being used of course)
• This will apply for admins, and players, Please don't "Roast" one another, unless you can handle the joking that most people in this community do, Admin's will tend to roast players for fun, (Nothing serious to call you out and go probably Jeffery Dahmer on us.)
• Final Rule, don't attempt too "Dupe" in Realm, as it's been patched, and no longer can be done, (Like any other private server) But if we catch you in the act of attempting to dupe, or trying to talk a admin into giving you "Gold" or "Items" of a certain amount, It'll resolve to you, being walled / jailed until one day you decide to give back the Gold or Item(s) you got from that 1 admin, and that admin will also be demoted as a player fyi.

So follow some of these rules, and possibly avoid a ban/wall/jail lol.

Anyways hope to cya on realm!

- Soul

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